Posted by dataSpring Editors / Jan 12, 2017

A Glance Back, A Look Ahead for dataSpring

dataSpring 2017 Market Research Resolutions
 A look back at 2016 and our key resolutions for 2017.

For most companies in the market research industry, 2016 was a year of change and transition. dataSpring has undergone significant transformation as well. The past year saw…

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Posted by Marjorie Yoro / Jun 22, 2016

Survey Software Must-Haves: 5 Advanced Question Types

Question Types

In our last post, Survey Software Must-Haves: 6 Basic Question Types, we talked about the importance of Questionnaire Design and the basic question types you can do with your average survey software.

Today, we're going to tackle the Advanced Question Types which are a little bit trickier. "Trickier" in the sense that while using these kinds of questions will give you richer data, they're a lot harder to do if you don't have the right survey software.

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Posted by Marjorie Yoro / Jun 08, 2016

Survey Software Must-Haves: 6 Basic Question Types

Survey Software Must-Haves: 6 Basic Question Types

Questionnaire Design is perhaps the most important part of survey research. It takes a great deal of time and attention to write good questions and organize them to form the questionnaire. Just think, there can be many ways to ask a single question, and how that question is placed in the survey may influence how people respond to the later questions.

That’s why, before you begin, you have to ask yourself two questions:

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