7 Times #MRX Showed Its Funny Side

Written by Marjorie Yoro
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Most tweets about #mrx are educational and rich in insights. So much so that a lot of people outside of the industry think we're a bunch of serious researchers who are obsessed with data.

Now, while that might not be too far off the mark, our sense of humor does pop up once in a while. And when it does, it's hilarious!


1. When someone finally told the truth about pie charts




2. When folks were supposed to move stuff out of the office but...



3. When they found the perfect song for balancing data



4. When they created a Twitter account dedicated to dragging bad surveys



and are not afraid to name names



but keeps it positive every now and then.



5. When they proposed a perfectly logical course of action when you're not seeing the results you want 



6. When they couldn’t resist the puns



7. When they meme-ified everyone's gut reaction to drop outs



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