Benefits of Using B2B Panel Research to Understand Business Audiences

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20230619-B2B-Panel-Research-Blog-PhotoPanel plays a significant role on businesses. It can help to effectively target customers and encourage. However for B2B market it tends to require more convincing to make a purchase than B2C markets, as a result, the market research must be far more detailed and in-depth. So having a solid mix of participants for your research is essential to have optimal results and having an online panel research can tailor you to the best participants. .

Understanding B2B Panels insights

B2B panels focus on the interaction between two businesses. Business owners, industry specialists, and other experts from the business field are on the panel. Participants are pre-recruited and have agreed to participate in the research survey. Compared to B2C participants that is open to the general public, B2B tends to be selective and only open for a specific group of people however this depends on how targeted your research is. 

B2B panel research focuses on complex and niche markets, particularly in enterprises and large businesses with complicated target audiences. Unlike B2C, B2B customers require in-depth research and convincing. Therefore conducting detailed research is crucial to create the most appealing value proposition.

Additionally, in B2B markets, customers may be scarce, emphasizing the need for a competitive advantage. When there is a small pool of potential customers, it is even more important to understand how your offering is evaluated in comparison to competitors.

Benefits of Using B2B Panel Provider

1. Access to Participants that are Targeted and Relevant 

B2B Panel provides access to researchers to a pre-recruited group of individuals that meets the specific B2B criteria. The precise targeting of the desired audience ensures that the insights gathered are highly relevant and competitive intelligence.

2. Efficient

Having a B2B Panel is an efficient solution for research as it offers researchers reach a large number of B2B participants. Unlike the traditional method that involved recruitment efforts.  With an online B2B Panel, researchers can focus on data collection and analyzing their data, resulting in a streamlined research process and faster project turnaround. 

3. Longitudinal Research Opportunities

There's an excellent opportunity for longitudinal research through panels, researchers can gather data from the same group of B2B participants over an extended period. The approach of longitudinal research enables the tracking of changes, trends, and behaviors within the B2B market over time. Through the multiple time points the data the researchers can gain can uncover valuable insights into market dynamics and identify emerging patterns, leading to a deeper understanding of the B2B market landscape. 

4. Enhanced Response Rates 

Online panels typically exhibit higher response rates compared to ad hoc recruitment methods. As Participants have given their consent they are likely to be engaged and willing to respond to survey invitations or participate in other research initiatives. This leads to increased data quality and representativeness, that then enhances the reliability and validity of the research findings. 

5. Community and Engagement of Panelists 

Panel creates a sense of community and engagement among participants. When panelists are familiar with the research process and have built a relationship with the organization this fosters an ongoing engagement that results to higher-quality responses and greater commitment to future research activities. 

dataSpring's B2B Panel

dataSpring's B2B panels provide you with access to a large and diverse group of business professionals across Asia. Our panels are pre-screened and qualified, assuring clients to receive accurate and reliable data. 

Here are a few of the essential profile details we have on our B2B panels:

  • Employment Status
  • Occupation Category
  • Type of Industry
  • Department
  • Company Size (Worldwide)
  • Official Position
  • Level of Involvement in contract and purchasing
  • Role in decision-making
  • Primary Role at Work (IT)

We cover 12 countries in Asia namely, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. dataSpring can also reach US and EU markets through our wide network of 3rd party partners upon request.

Are you conducting B2B Panel research, or planning for a project in Asia? dataSpring is equipped with extensive experience and expertise in panel research and is dedicated to providing valuable insights and support for your study. Get a Free IR check or Contact us now and let us help you make informed decisions.

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