Posted by Marjorie Yoro / May 31, 2016

How Does dataSpring Avoid Respondent Duplication?

How does dataSpring Avoid Respondent Duplication


It happens when a respondent is able to access a survey more than once, resulting in two sets of identical data. Clones, if you will. It's one of those annoying data problems that can come up when you are working with multiple panel companies, and it can really screw up the results.

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Posted by Marjorie Yoro / Feb 19, 2016

8 Online Survey Terms Consultants Need to Know

Business Consultants

A client is going to launch a new product soon and they want to have a better understanding of their market. You're the person they turn to to get these answers. So, you decide to run a market feasibility study with an online market research firm who will do most of the legwork for you, from programming to sampling to tabulation.

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