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[Infographic] Asia Research Poll: Winter Travel

In this Asia Research Poll, we surveyed approximately 23,000 of our panelists from eight Asian countries to better understand their thoughts on winter travel. Can you guess which winter vacation spot was listed as the number one out of the five choices provided!? Our survey-takers answers are both insightful and surprising:


We usually ask our panelists questions based on their preference for one thing over another; like Facebook vs. Instagram or Coffee vs. Tea. This time, we wanted to see where they wanted to travel for the winter season!


23,000 panelists across our APAC region; Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, were asked one simple question and given five different locations to choose from:


"Where do you want to travel this winter?"


The Results are In!

The results? Hokkaido, Japan was the most popular travel destination across ALL countries by a landslide! After Japan, Switzerland, and Sweden take second and third place respectively. Following Europe, Canada, and the USA ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.


Perhaps the reasoning for Japan being voted number one was due to the ease of travel from other Asian countries. Traveling to Japan is not only shorter but it is also cheaper than traveling to other countries listed in the survey. On the other hand, we notice a trend favoring nature and natural/outdoor spots - even for wintertime travel.


Winter Travel Infographic

[Infographic] Asia Research Poll: Winter Travel


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