3 Ways An Online Panel Provider Can Improve Your Research in Asia

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Having an online panel provider in Asia as a partner can improve and ease your market research study in the region.

3 Ways An Online Panel Provider Can Improve Your Research in Asia

Asia is the world's largest and most populous region and is home to a myriad of cultures as diverse as the region is expansive. This diversity in terms of culture and geography, though an integral part of its identity, can sometimes be cause for confusion for researchers who are not well acquainted with the nuances which vary even across the region.

So if you're planning to conduct a market research study in Asia, you have to make sure you're well equipped to tackle any possible hurdles this might bring on. A convenient way to achieve that is by coordinating with local agencies specializing in different research solutions, such as online panel providers.

In a nutshell, an online research panel is a sample of persons who have agreed to complete surveys via the internet. It is a group of people sharing similar traits, brought together to answer an online survey about a particular research topic for a commensurate incentive. It is the online panel provider’s role to collect and curate these panels so that the responses reflect the right insights on your target population.

When you’re taking the online route in Asia, a panel provider can be a valuable ally, as they already have the samples, tools, and more importantly, the experience needed to complete your research requirements. An online panel provider is a perfect complement to your research tools, providing additional data and insights.

Here are three reasons why an online panel provider can improve your research in Asia:

You can reach out to more people

According to the Internet World Stats, more than 2.3 billion people in Asia, or roughly 50 percent of the region, are hooked on the internet. Moreover, a Google and Temasek report in 2018 listed that there are 350 million Internet users in Southeast Asia alone, with the region’s internet economy predicted to reach the $72 billion mark. Internet penetration across Asia is set to continue to increase in the coming years, thanks to improving communication infrastructure and more affordable smartphones and internet subscriptions.

These developments in internet infrastructure and connectivity in Asia mean greater online presence, and with the help of online panel providers, quality responses can be gathered faster and from a wider source.

You break past cultural and language barriers

The Asian region contains a myriad of different ethnic groups, all steeped in customs and languages that are distinct from each other. In Indonesia alone, there are over 300 recognized ethnic groups and languages, and reaching out to most of them could prove to be difficult. Due to cultural differences, market researchers must be extra careful in communicating with different people to avoid misinterpretations, or worse, taboos. Researchers must understand that it takes a thorough localization of research methods and tools for respondents to fully comprehend their intent and provide the right answers.

Fortunately, panel providers in Asia are well-versed in cultural and linguistic nuances, so they can both curate and maintain these diverse panels. They have experience in localizing different studies so that ideas and intent won’t get lost in translation.

You won’t be restricted by geography

Although traditional data gathering methods are still effective ways in reaching out to your target audience, especially those who are underrepresented online such as those belonging to older age groups, the region's geography can make conducting these studies more difficult as compared to doing it in, say, America or Europe. Asia is made up of several archipelagos and island nations, making on-site studies and face-to-face interviews more costly and time-consuming.

With online research panels, logistics won't be much of a problem allowing researchers to focus more on developing and delivering surveys to the right respondents.

Are online research panels in Asia the way to go? Indeed, it is! With millions of Asians accessing the internet each day, especially through mobile devices, Asian online research panels are becoming more reliable and reflective of the entire population. Online research panels are showing quick growth and are becoming more reliable and cost-effective means to reach out and understand any market researcher’s target population. Even if you're outside the Asian region, you'll be able to reach your target samples and get the best marketing insights.

To know more about online research panels, especially in the Asian region, check out our Understanding Online Research Panels page.

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