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Ever since the start of the pandemic, couples have experienced major restrictions on "normal dating activities" while following social distancing and work-at-home measures. Couples have had to stretch their creativity while being together or spending time online.

Now that we're experiencing fewer lockdowns, we are given a chance to spend time outside our homes. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’re left to our creativity on how we can celebrate safely without catching anything else aside from love in the air.

So we asked our Southeast Asian panel what do they think is the most romantic date for them. Their answers are fitting for any couple who would want to go out and they might give you an idea of how to spend the month with your loved ones!

The Results Are In!

The survey poll presented to the respondents had 10 romantic date items to choose from:

  • Go to an amusement park
  • Watch the sunrise/sunset
  • Attend a concert
  • Dinner at a sunset cruise
  • Gazing at the stars in the sky
  • Sunbathe side by side on the beach
  • Release a flying lantern
  • Ride a hot air balloon
  • Enjoy water sports 
  • Watch fireworks displays 
  • Nothing, just being together

Surprisingly, our respondents in the eight markets had similar items in their top 5, with one having a unique ranking. Now let’s take a look at the results!

dS-most-romantic-date-poll-photoFirst off, overall responses from Taiwanese respondents deviated a little from the other markets. Respondents seem to consider scenery as an important element for their date with gazing at the stars in the sky (25.58%) ranking first. This is followed by nothing, just being together (17.20%), eating dinner at a sunset cruise (16.40%), and watch the sunset/sunrise (11.18%). Interestingly, the fifth top entry is to watch Fireworks (7.32%). This is unique compared to the panels, but considering that Taiwan is home to the fireworks display at its most iconic building, the Taipei 101, this is an activity that couples in Taiwan surely do enjoy.

The majority of the respondents seem to not mind just spending time with their partners even without any activity planned for their date, with nothing, just being together topping in all seven countries. This simple and sincere choice placed first in Hong Kong (31.33%), Singapore (31.89%), Malaysia (29.84%), Indonesia (21.10%), Thailand (38.77%), Vietnam (32.50%), and the Philippines (33.26%).

This is followed by gazing at the stars in the sky and watch the sunrise/sunset for these seven markets. These beautiful dating activities can inspire you to look up for a perfect spot to spend time with your partner.

If you want to add more activity and thrill to your date, you might want to take a few ideas for their next answers. Eating dinner at a sunset cruise ranked fourth in Hong Kong (12.72%), Singapore (13.12%), Malaysia (12.38%%), Indonesia (13.74%), Thailand (9.52%%), Vietnam (9.47%), and the Philippines (12.44%).

Lastly, if you're like some of our respondents who are kids at heart, you might enjoy going to an amusement park, an activity that ranked fifth in Hong Kong (5.60%), Singapore (6.38%), Malaysia (7.74%%), Indonesia (12.98%), Thailand (5.30%), Vietnam (7.42%), and the Philippines (5.55%). 

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