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3 Reasons Why the Red Bean is Taking Over Taiwan

Red beans have experienced booming growth in popularity outside of its native Japan into other areas of Asia. Being endorsed by many celebrities, the red beans boast great health and beauty benefits. Learn about the reasons why the red bean is taking over Taiwan.

...many Asian consumers put a large emphasis on a products' internal benefits rather than its' external and topical benefits.

Known as 红豆 (Hóngdòu) in Chinese, this new beauty secret's booming popularity stems from three main reasons: tradition, health, and trend. Products that are natural and provide internal benefits have long been favored in Asia and are still seeing growth.


1. "There's a Herb for That"

Herbs and other natural remedies have been a very big part of Taiwanese history and culture. Even today there are many traditional herb shops in the big cities. Full of patrons looking for specific herbs to cure their ailments of muscle pain to insomnia: "there's an herb for that."


Many Taiwanese will prefer traditional Chinese medicine or other natural approaches to modern day ailments because many feel it is safer and it's something that has been used (and worked) for thousands of years. In a recent study, it was revealed that more than 60% of people used Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) within the past six years.



2. Health and Beauty Go Hand in Hand

Tracing many skin problems like acne to a problem from within the body, many Asian consumers put a large emphasis on a product's internal benefits rather than its external and topical benefits. From hair care to skincare, a product must prove it works from the inside-out and only then, will any external benefits be valued.


In the case of red beans, they are packed with nutrients and high in potassium and fiber, making them ideal for those that want a natural way to slim down. Though skin care products with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) were on the decline with young consumers, they are quickly re-gaining momentum.


3 Reasons Why the Red Bean is Taking Over Taiwan


3. For the Trend-Conscious

Famous Taiwanese actresses such as Sonia Sui (pictured) and Ruby Lin have attributed their youthful, clear skin and slim figures to this natural remedy. Due to the sudden popularity, many companies started selling tea packets of red bean powder for consumers to make in the comfort of their own home.


In order to further their reach, brands made it easier for consumers to attain the tea powders by selling in local convenience stores, grocery stores, online and even drugstores.



Marketers, market researchers, consultants, and manufacturers alike can learn a lot from this little red bean. Consumers focused on beauty will look for two things in their products: internal benefits to health and overall outward beauty and its' natural ingredients. In order to have success in this growing market, brands should focus on what is in their products.


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