Oct 05, 2017

dataSpring Continues Push to Be #1 in Asia

Asian panel and Survey software firm dataSpring announced on October 1, 2017 the launch of its Chinese and Korean corporate websites.  Users will now have access to the company's corporate site in three languages- with Japanese scheduled to be next on-line.

The launch comes as part of its continual efforts to enhance the quality, service and availability of information on the Asian market to industry professionals worldwide.

“The dataSpring Korean corporate website will give Korean clients a better understanding of what we can offer; Mobile Samples, Survey Software Tools and Asian insights. As an added bonus, they will be able to more easily send us questions using our contact form."

— Saehee Kim,
General Manager Korea

“This decision will definitely help not only our local clients but also our global clients who want to run studies in China/Korea with more speed. It will also benefit our local panelists to have even better experiences with us.”

— Irene Wang,
Director China

Saehee Kim

Read in 한국어


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With this Asia-first approach, dataSpring looks to further advance its’ activities and projects in Asia for clients worldwide. This move comes as the Company most recently announced its continued commitment to building and managing the most robust panels in Asia and making further improvements in its survey platform, forSurvey. In addition, the company had announced previously that its mobile panels in Asia were growing at a rate even stronger than expected.

About dataSpring

dataSpring is a leading Asian Insights Specialist offering 1-stop solutions ensuring market researchers succeed. We provide high-quality online and mobile samples in Asia, survey software tools, and data collection operations.

Headquartered in Japan, we have offices around the world to serve our global clients. With our 24/7 operations hub in Manila, we’re uniquely able to manage projects around the clock and support our clients with each step of the research process.

The company has offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, and Manila.


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