Oct 09, 2014

Research Panel Asia Inc. Expands its Coverage to Thailand and Malaysia

Tokyo, Japan- October 9, 2014: Research Panel Asia Inc. (RPA) proudly announces the start of its proprietary Thailand and Malaysia Panels.

A Growing List of Privately Managed Panels

The launch of the Thailand and Malaysia panels signifies the continued robust growth of RPA as a global leader in Asian sample offering high quality and tremendous value to its clients. Together with Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, the addition of Thailand and Malaysia means the company can now offer proprietary access to over 2 million active panelists.

Message from the CEO

Mr. Sano, CEO

"RPA's goal is be our client's go-to partner for local insights into Asia. With service provided in local languages, 24 hour operations capability, competitive pricing, and deep local knowledge of Asia, we believe that the availability of our Thailand and Malaysian Panels puts us in the position to be just that..." said Mr. Toshiki Sano, RPA's CEO. "Our continued growth globally depends on developing proprietary panels and partnerships throughout the Region."

Company Profiles

Headquartered in Tokyo, with additional offices in Seoul, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Singapore, and Manila, RPA is a full-service provider of high quality survey panels for the Asian region offering proprietary coverage in Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia.

The firm specializes in providing consumer and consumer lifestyle studies and provides innovative online, 24/7 access to expansive, premium, online Asian panels. RPA won 2012 Red Herring Asia 100 for these unparalleled abilities to meet demands in emerging markets and for offering a cutting-edge work culture.