Sep 28, 2015

Research Panel Asia, Inc. Becomes dataSpring

Tokyo, Japan- September 28, 2015: This news follows the July merger announcement and means RPA is now dataSpring. The company plans to offer a flexible set of research and technology solutions for its clients around the world.

Research Panel Asia, Inc. Becomes dataSpring

Brief Overview

In a stock swap deal announced in July, Mr. Ikuo Hagino, CEO of Marketing Applications, Inc. (MApps) and Mr. Masahiro Takanohashi, CEO of Research Panel Asia (RPA) announced the merger. The deal combines MApps’ tech products and global business with RPA’s panel and other assets. Since the announcement, leaders of both entities have worked together to map out their combined vision of better connecting their clients to consumers around the world.

To reflect this new direction, the companies are excited to announce the rebranding of their assets globally into a new company called dataSpring.

About dataSpring

dataSpring describes itself as a tech-based marketing research firm connecting international brands with targeted consumers through its leading technology. It offers market researchers and end clients a powerful package of research solutions- such as global sample in over 35 countries, full service, and a proprietary survey programming and tabulation tool.

Company officials claim that this combination of products and services, together with its 24/7/365 operations hub in Manila, is unique in the industry- as no other online MR company is currently offering such a combination of research solutions. According to the company’s website, dataSpring has “4 million + panelists in all the major world markets including Japan, China, Korea, US, and the UK.”

Message from the CEO

"When Mr. Hagino and I first discussed the idea of a merger, we immediately realized the possible benefits..." said Mr. Takanohashi (pictured). "The industry is becoming commoditized and more competitive- we believe our technology and improved operational capability will mean a better online research experience for our valued clients. We can’t wait to show the industry what a great partner we will be."


What’s Next

Over the course of the next year, dataSpring will continue integrating all of RPA’s business and MApps' global assets. Their full website is set to launch within the year, along with an updated panel book. With all the new tools and services, the company is shaping up to become one of the key players in the industry.


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