Jul 31, 2023

dataSpring Launches Upgraded PanelNow Survey Platform in South Korea

dataSpring, Asia's leading provider of survey platforms, is excited to announce the relaunch of its Korean panel platform, PanelNow.

The long-awaited update and development of the platform bring forth an enhanced user interface and a unified system, promising a rewarding experience for both respondents and researchers.

Ensuring Quality for Researchers and Panelists

PanelNow proudly presents a new sleek and intuitive user interface, offering respondents a seamless and user-friendly experience. As an added treat, respondents will be introduced to three captivating characters namely Paneo, Urvi, and Ello who will act as panelists' guides throughout their survey journey.


The introduction of this highly engaging interface empowers panelists to discover relevant surveys tailored to their preferences, leading to increased participation rates and higher-quality feedback for researchers.

Furthermore, in line with this update, dataSpring is continuously improving its system by unifying all its products. This optimization enables our platforms to provide more flexibility for speedy localization, streamlined and intelligent operation, and automated benefits to enhance user retention. The development of dataSpring products aims to efficiently cater to our client's needs and deliver improved services.

The upgraded PanelNow platform represents dataSpring's commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring that both researchers and panelists in South Korea can enjoy an elevated survey experience.

To learn more and join the PanelNow community, visit: https://www.panelnow.co.kr/

Download dataSpring's 2023 Panel book here

About dataSpring

dataSpring is the leading provider of survey platforms in Asia covering 12 countries and 2 million+ active panelists. Headquartered in Japan, offering cutting-edge solutions to meet the diverse market research needs of businesses worldwide. With a focus on user experience and advanced features, dataSpring continues to set the standard for the industry.