Jul 29, 2016

dataSpring partners with Intage - debuts Mobile Survey App

Tokyo, Japan- July 29, 2016: Global online panel and survey software firm, dataSpring, launched its first mobile survey application today. The mobile app, called surveyon, was developed in partnership with Intage Singapore Pte. Ltd. The company is a subsidiary of Intage Group which recently made a capital investment in Marketing Applications, Inc. Last year, MApps acquired dataSpring in a stock swap


Mobile for Researchers and Panelists

surveyon_mobile-launcher-icon-for-Android.pngThe surveyon app provides market researchers with a fast and responsive mobile experience for their research projects, while also giving them new ways to drive panelist engagement. 

Additionally, surveyon gives panelists access to their surveys at a time, place, and on a device that is convenient for them. Panelists will be able to complete a short profiling survey, register for panels, manage their profile, and track accrued points using the mobile application or via the company’s surveyon.com website.

These new mobile panels add yet another platform to dataSpring’s expanding community of over 2 million consumers globally that complete surveys for points and rewards. The surveyon app is available for Android™ and iOS™ phones and tablets.

“Researchers have been looking at ways to target, attract, and retain certain key demographics, especially in hard to reach regions …” says Masa Takanohashi. “We believe that our surveyon app is the solution these clients have been looking for because it enables the timely engagement of survey-takers on mobile devices which certainly will lead to higher response rates.”


Application Developed with Intage Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Intage Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Intage Group, a pioneer in market research and a leading MR firm in Japan. Intage Singapore seeks to leverage the partnership with dataSpring in order to drive their business in the mobile market, which is rapidly emerging, especially in Asia where smartphone use is widespread.

Building mobile panels for the surveyon app has begun in Taiwan and Indonesia, with South Korea and other Asian countries to follow shortly.

“Intage Singapore has been a perfect partner throughout this project,” continues Takanohashi. “They have industry expertise and knowledge to go along with our technical know-how and panel building capability. We see these initial deployments of the surveyon app as the first step in a series of larger things to come in the near future.” 


Future Collaboration with Intage Group

The Intage Group has over 50 years of industry experience and has a deep level of expertise in and around Asia. It was announced in Tokyo on July 28th that Intage Group made a capital investment in Marketing Applications, Inc.

A key next step in the deepening partnership will be to create a survey platform that becomes a de-facto industry standard. This will be built off of dataSpring’s existing technology and enhanced by Intage Group’s market knowledge and experience in MR. 

Another focus would be the expansion of existing panels, beginning with increasing the young generation panel in Japan and expanding to other hard to reach segments in developing markets soon thereafter.


About dataSpring

dataSpring was previously known as Research Panel Asia (RPA), an Asian sample provider. It was acquired last year by survey software company, Marketing Applications, Inc. (MApps). The company now offers Global Sample Coverage in 35 countries and a Fieldwork Suite of programming and tabulation tools, making it a one-stop hub for market research professionals. 


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