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Case Studies
Smartphone Download Study
  • CountryJapan
  • Sample size300
  • Study typeApps download recruitment
  • TargetMale and female, 18-45 years old who own a smartphone
  • Challenge
    • Our client wanted all respondents who enter the survey through their PC to be able to correctly receive instruction on their phone to download the app. They also requested that all common smartphones should be able to successfully download the app with no issue.
  • Fieldwork time28 days
dataSpring programmed the survey to provide clear instruction and explanation of the survey process. Before launching, we tested both PC and Smartphone connection to make sure that fieldwork will run smoothly.
Theme Park Community Recruitment
  • CountryChina
  • Sample size96
  • Study typeRecruitment
  • TargetAdults aged 18-44 who have traveled to Shanghai in the past 2 years or is planning to travel within China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong within the next 2 years on an overnight trip
  • Challenge
    • Qualified respondents must not only log-in to the Community, but also pass phone-verification.
  • Fieldwork time7 days
dataSpring sent customized emails as a reminder for respondents to anticipate the call. In this way, more respondents were able to participate in the phone-verification process since they were able to plan ahead and make time for it.
Multi Country Elevator Study
  • CountryIndia, Indonesia, China, Malaysia
  • Sample size200 per country
  • Study typeFull Service
  • TargetMale and female, 25 years old and above who are Business Decision Makers
  • Challenge
    • The project had a tight timeline of 5 days, including translation which had to be double checked and confirmed with the client. Each portion of the work must be passed onto the next in a timely manner.
  • Fieldwork time5 days
dataSpring's in-house translators were able to efficiently provide translation and make revisions in accordance to the client's needs.
Recruitment of Specialty Panel
  • CountryJapan
  • Sample size4,000
  • Study typeRecruitment for a Specialty Study
  • TargetLegal age smokers
  • Challenge
    • To ensure that each respondent is of legal age to smoke, respondents are required to upload a scanned photo ID. We had to make sure that our panelists' private information was protected.
  • Fieldwork time7 days
dataSpring included a Privacy Policy within the survey to ascertain that panelists are informed of why and how their information will be used. A note was also included in the survey email invitation as an extra assurance.
One Commercial Campaign Tracker
  • CountryJapan
  • Sample size525
  • Study typeSampling
  • TargetInformation Technology Decision Makers and Influencers from UMM companies with 250+ PCs
  • Challenge
    • With the very niche target group for the survey, we had to look for creative ways to collect all needed samples even as the Incidence Rate continued to decrease during fieldwork.
  • Fieldwork time5 days
dataSpring used its various B2B profiles in order to find alternative targeting plans. During fieldwork, we gained approval from the client to use completes from other ITDM studies. We also revisited the questionnaire and recommended certain criteria or quotas to be loosened.

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