In November 2013, dataSpring broadened its proprietary panel coverage to encompass Taiwan. Within this article, we'll offer insights into conducting online research specifically tailored to the Taiwanese market.

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  • Official: Mandarin, Taiwanese
  • Survey: Taiwanese, Chinese (Traditional)


The most widely used definition for the regions is the quadchotomy scheme from the Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan, which corresponds to the prefectures under the Qing Dynasty rule: Northern Taiwan, Central Taiwan, Southern Taiwan, Eastern Taiwan, and the Outer islands.


Demographics and Ratio of Panel Composition

Taiwan has recently entered the 'aged society' era in 2018, where more than 10% of the population is aged 65 or older. According to the National Development Council, Taiwan will become a 'super-aged' society by 2026, with at least 20% of the population are aged 65 or older. Compared to the population composition, the ratio of panelists in the 50+ age range is small, therefore it may be difficult to collect the data from this age group. Response rate for older panelists is usually higher compared to other age groups but other factors such as location and time of sending survey must also be considered.

Population Estimate

Gender (%)
Age group (%)

Ratio of Panel Composition of dS Panel

Gender (%)
Age group (%)

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When targeting or allocating by income, it is common to design the survey according to the SEC.

*SEC is the socioeconomic category that a consumer falls under as defined by variables such as income, educational background, occupation, and so on. It stands for Social Economic Classification.

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Ethnic composition

The government reports that 95% to 97% of Taiwan's population is of Han Chinese ethnicity, which includes Hoklo, Hakka, and other ethnic groups originating from mainland China. Over 2% of the population are indigenous Malayo-Polynesian peoples.


Local Pro Tip

A study conducted by the U.N. Development Program ranks Taiwan eighth in the world and first in Asia for gender equality. Women make up 50.46% of the labor force and 33% of the legislature, a rate higher than Japan, South Korea, and the United States.



Precautions in Conducting Online Research

It is highly recommended to avoid asking political questions to respondents.

Final Words

Before conducting online or mobile surveys in the Taiwan, it’s important to know its basic profile. For more in-depth information, talk to our Local Experts today!

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