In November 2013, dataSpring expanded its proprietary panel coverage to include Hong Kong. Within this article, we'll provide insights into conducting online research specifically tailored to the Hong Kong market.

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  • Official: Chinese, English
  • Survey: Traditional Chinese


Since Hong Kong is small, there are not many regional differences in culture and income. Because of this, clients usually do not to target based on the region.


Demographics and Ratio of Panel Composition

Compared to the population composition ratio, the number of panels for 50 years and above is small. Due to this, data collection may be difficult. Kindly consult with us before starting your project.

Population Estimate

Gender (%)
Age group (%)

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Ratio of Panel Composition of dS Panel

Gender (%)
Age group (%)

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When targeting or allocating by income, it is common to design the survey according to the SEC classification.

*SEC is the socioeconomic characteristic that consumer has, defined by variables such as income, educational background, occupation, and so on. It is an abbreviation for Social Economic Characteristics. There are several definitions regarding SEC.

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Ethnic composition

There are 93.6% of ethnic Chinese, 6.4% of other ethnic groups. It is unusual to specify targeting conditions and allocations based on ethnic composition in Hong Kong.


Local Pro Tip

In the case of high-priced goods such as overseas trips and cars, depending on the survey content, it might be better to focus only on respondents with high income. On the other hand, there is no need to set up conditions based on income for products consumed in a relatively short period such as drinks, foods, cosmetics (consumer goods for daily use), etc.


Precautions in Conducting Online Research

We cannot ask about politics or religion.

Final Words

Before conducting online or mobile surveys in Hong Kong, it’s important to know its basic profile. For more in-depth information, talk to our local experts today!

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