A diverse team of highly-experienced professionals with skills and passion to push the boundaries of market research and technology

Our Story
dataSpring has a proud history that starts in 2006 with the founding of Marketing Applications Inc. (MApps), the #1 IT-based online survey platformer in Japan. In 2015, MApps acquired Research Panel Asia (RPA) in a stock swap. RPA was known for its high-quality Asian research panels and great service. Together, MApps and RPA created "dataSpring" as MApps’ global arm.

Today, dataSpring offers 1-stop solutions for market researchers, including: online and mobile sample in Asia, survey software tools, and data collection operations.
To connect brands with targeted consumers through our leading technology, thereby cultivating real relationships between products and people.
Core Values
Build great things together
We believe in the exponential power of the group. When every Springer is totally engaged, we are able to play off each other's diversity and achieve more together than we ever could alone.
Dream Big, Act Smart
We reach for the stars while always keeping our clients point-of-view firmly in mind. Springers think beyond where our obligations lie, and focus on what our clients ultimately want to achieve. In this data-rich world, it’s not just having the data. It’s being sharp enough, smart enough and optimized enough to offer insights.
Act as One, Execute ‘til It’s Done
We know that thinking, planning, and deliberating is only half the game. The other half is executing the plan. Springers value action every bit as much as ideas. For us, it is not about coming up with the perfect plan; it’s about developing do-able solutions and executing them together.
Think Independently, Ask Deep Questions
We believe that thoughtful analysis leads to smarter solutions. Each Springer strives to dig into the issues to get to the essence. Only then, are we able to bring our unique contribution on the table and to get one step closer to our goal.
When Reality Says "No", Passion Rules
We burn to go as far as our potential takes us. No matter the situation-- tough or easy-- we push unwaveringly to turn our ideas into reality. There is no logic to it. Our passion is the wellspring that keeps us going.
Speed, Speed & More Speed Still
We get things done and keep moving forward. Our industry in particular moves at a breakneck pace so each and every Springer is committed to efficiency without sacrificing quality.
Be Sincere, Inside and Out
We strive to be true to others and to ourselves. In this way, we enable trust and respect to take root among our members as well as our partners, clients, and end users. Springers are at their best when we form genuine relationships inside and outside of the company.
Invite Challenges
We search for the solution until we find it. Some challenges can lead to failure, but that's not a word Springers worry about. Because knowing what doesn't work, only brings us closer to what does. Whether we invite the challenge or not-- that’s what makes or breaks us.