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While every Project is unique, RPA has a finely-tuned process that takes into account our 10+ years of IT media and online research (OR) experience. Roll over the links below to follow a typical Project through each Phase of completion.

The “RPA Difference”
during the Panel Management Phase means retention rates of 79.5% and Operational Excellence in every aspect of the process.

Our extensive profiling and networking with partners allows you to connect to exactly the audience you need.

We share your concern regarding the quality and reliability of research data. This is why RPA has invested heavily in technology over the last 10 years and has implemented numerous manual authentication steps in our Panel Management process. Phase Steps usually include:

1. Using unbiased recruiting sources via major portals and specialized media sites for profiling of a targeted audience
2. Registering panelists using both Qualtrix and “human-touch” methods ensuring full authentication of each panelist
3. Adopting a duplication-prevention system during the Registration process which allows for only
1) a unique and verified email address and
2) only one unique personal profile per panelist
4. Engaging panelists throughout the process by undertaking interactive campaigns and providing industry leading incentives
5. Implementing daily quality management measures such as trap-surveys and digital fingerprint technology

The “RPA Difference”
during the Quotation Phase means that RPA’s Sales and Pricing Teams will serve you 24/7 to ensure accurate and fast turnarounds on all RFQs.

We provide you with up-front feasibility and pricing guidelines so that you are always satisfied with the quality and value of your Project with us.

During this Phase, we communicate with you to ensure we understand the Project parameters. Steps usually include:

1. Receiving initial bid request
2. Providing you with targeting and IR (Incidence Rate) suggestions from our Team of experts
3. Testing feasibility to determine whether our proprietary panels will be used or whether we will bundle proprietary and partner panels for the Project
4. Confirming Pricing and issuing the Quote

The “RPA Difference”
during the Fieldwork Phase means that we will be here for you anytime, making sure your Project is completed on-time, every time.

During the last 10+ years, we have not only invested heavily in technology, we’ve put our resources into an Operations hub in Manila, Philippines. This allows us to guaranty 24 hr or minimum response times (with the exception of National holidays).

Once the Project is commissioned, our Project Management Team takes over to handle the execution phase. Steps usually include:

1. Providing you with seamless Project Management support 24/7/365 in multiple languages
2. Guaranteeing you 24 hr minimum response time even across multiple time-zones
3. Giving you best in-class local insight with response rates of 20%-40%


The “RPA Difference”
during the Follow-up Phase means that we will reconnect with you to ensure that not only are you satisfied with the quality of your Project with us, but with our service and value as well.

Our keen focus on quality, state of the art technology, and problem solving solutions ensures that your first Project with us will not be your last.

Once the Project is complete we will still be here for you. Our goal is to be your go-to partner in Asia and we are committed to this for the long-term. Steps usually include:

1. Confirming that you are fully satisfied with survey results, IR, response rates, etc.
2. Re-contacting respondents if necessary to follow-up on survey results
3. Following up with you as necessary for tracking Projects
4. Invoicing your AP Department and ensuring that Project results meet terms and conditions of the Invoice

Panel Coverage:

  • Japan
  • China
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand


  • Total Panel Size.
  • 1,474,481
  • Active Panel Size.
  • 628,769

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  • Total Panel Size.
  • 1,308,424
  • Active Panel Size.
  • 217,750

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  • Total Panel Size.
  • 363,214
  • Active Panel Size.
  • 81,356

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  • Total Panel Size.
  • 26,304
  • Active Panel Size.
  • 5,306

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Hong Kong

  • Total Panel Size.
  • 11,167
  • Active Panel Size.
  • 7,834

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  • Total Panel Size.
  • 26,288
  • Active Panel Size.
  • 5,102

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  • Total Panel Size.
  • 15,281
  • Active Panel Size.
  • 15,254

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  • Total Panel Size.
  • 48,245
  • Active Panel Size.
  • 47,283

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  • Total Panel Size.
  • 11,997
  • Active Panel Size.
  • 11,407

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  • Total Panel Size.
  • 8,294
  • Active Panel Size.
  • 7,466

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  • Total Panel Size.
  • 8,260
  • Active Panel Size.
  • 6,536

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Client Voices

" The team is really great to work with and, despite some challenges on OUR side, they were still so helpful and patient. Definitely looking forward to more work with RPA! "

Director, Global MR Firm

" RPA has been very helpful in terms of Bidding, provides quotation on the bids very quickly, always ready to help and available 24*7. My experience with RPA has been very good so far. Hope, the relationship continues. "

Sample Acquisition Manager,
Global MR Firm

" Hope to have more opportunities to work with your team! "

Account Executive

" Really like the fact that there is someone at RPA who is knowledgeable about my job 24/7. I can contact someone and receive an answer any time of day or night. "

Vice President, Global MR Firm

" The Team handles all situations very well. Immediate response to my emails and flexibility- even in difficult situations. "

Manager - Consumer Insights,
End Client

" Thank you for all your help! It's great working with the whole Team! "


" RPA has been a great business partner for years. I would like to make it better for years to come..."

Project Manager, Panel Partner Firm

" I would like to give kudos on your team work and quick responses. Thanks! "

Project Manager, Panel Partner Firm

" We are happy with the services which we are getting from RPA associates. They are always very helpful and highly responsive in every process. "

Director & Co-Founder,
Panel Partner Firm

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