How we build our panels
As a tech-driven market research company, we build our panels in a unique way; we have proprietary panels, API Integration, and 3rd Party Partners. Our team of in-house developers and local panel managers make sure that your data comes from the most secure sources.
Proprietary panels

Our constantly-growing international proprietary panels are recruited and managed by expert Springers with local knowledge of the market. 100% of recruitment is by double opt-in process and strict registration measures are also in place to ensure respondents are who they say they are.

Proprietary Panels
API Integration

surveyon Partners is an API platform that integrates verified partner panels into our system. With this platform, we can offer you an expansive network of respondents instantaneously and offer partners an opportunity to monetize their panels.

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3rd Party procurement

To reach even more respondents, we also go through the traditional method: through approved Third Parties, a mix of local and global panel suppliers. Though these partners are not part of our API, we also regularly evaluate their performance to ensure panel health and data quality. 

3rd Party Procurement
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