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Kampai! Drinking in Japan

No better way to start the new year than cracking open a cold can of beer. Take a look at how the beer industry in Japan has evolved and the hurdles it faced in recent years.

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China Live-Streaming Industry

2018 has been a year of further growth for live-streaming in China despite earlier predictions of its decline.

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[Infographic] Asia Poll - Android vs. iOS

Are you on team Android or team iOS? We asked our panelists from all over Asia and here's what they had to say.

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Smartphone Trends in China

With a stellar performace during the second quarter of 2018, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei bested Apple in terms of global sales and took over the No. 2 spot. Here's a look back at what's driving consumer preference when it comes to smartphones in China.

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Quirk's London Event 2019

In London this February? Drop by our booth for a chat in this year's Quirk's London Event on February 12 and 13. See you in booth K!

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