SE6 - Senior Systems Engineer

Shanghai, China

Full-time, Salaried position



The Senior Systems Engineer position is one that develops specifications, plans, designs software architecture, implements and then maintains internal and external systems for our Global Market Research firm.  This includes, but is not limited to designing and developing adequate systems and software based on user’s feedback in changes in requirements based on business expansion. Primary task of the role is to understand the business then find and apply technologies helpful to our business.


General Systems Engineer Activities:

  1. Create, modify, and maintain systems to support the business as a Team.
  2. Designs, codes and debugs applications in various software languages.
  3. Write readable codes that adheres to the following guidelines:
    1. Commenting & Documentation
    2. Observe consistent indentation
    3. Avoiding of obvious comments
    4. Keeping codes within separate blocks, with some spaces between them
    5. Consistent Naming scheme; avoid repetition
    6. Avoid Deep Nesting
    7. Limit Line Length
    8. File and Folder Organization
    9. Consistent Temporary Names
    10. Capitalize SQL Special Words
    11. Separation of Code and Data
    12. Object Oriented vs. Procedural        
    13. Read Open Source Code
  4. Implement localization or globalization of software as necessary for various locations.
  5. Applies software modeling and simulation to ensure successful system implementation.
  6. Integrates software with existing systems as necessary


Specific responsibilities:

  1. Conception of Computer science and Engineering.
  2. Learn and use new technologies that includes but not limited to programming languages.
  3. Performs software testing and quality assurance.
  4. Supports, maintains and documents software functionality
  5. Develops specifications, plans, designs architecture, implements and maintains internal and external systems for use in an online Market Research firm.
  6. Complete task with minimal or no guidance from Supervisor
  7. Monitor and provide quick response to system failures. 
  8. Data structure design.
  9. Basic understanding of our business. 
  10. Designs front end graphical user interface within specifications and listening to user feedback 
  11. Undertakes performance tuning, improvement, balancing, usability, automation while listening to user feedback 
  12. Performs software analysis, code analysis, requirements analysis, software review, identification of code metrics, system risk analysis, software reliability analysis 
  13. Evaluates and identifies new technologies for implementation and recommends these to the CTO 
  14. Together with others, performs Project Planning and Project Management activities to ensure successful implementation of systems.
  15. Maintain standards compliance
  16. Well understanding of relationship between all of our systems.

Common Activities:

  1. Constantly identifies financial and other risks to the Company and reports these quickly and accurately to Management.
  2. Maintains the public image of the Company.
  3. Functions as a cooperative and active member of weekly Systems Team meetings.
  4. Prudently manages resources within budgetary guidelines to ensure profit.
  5. Completes other administrative work as required.
  6. Understands and follows our Core Values.



Physical Requirements & Working Conditions:

  • This is an office environment and typical physical demands apply. 
  • Must be open to working flexible hours in order to communicate efficiently with Global clients.

Minimum Qualifications Needed:

    1. Good use of English for business purposes (TOEIC, TOEFL)
    2. 3 + years programming experience in Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, etc.
    3. 2+ years experience in:
      1. Server-side application development using frameworks and libraries.
      2. Application development using RDBMS or KVS
      3. Git version control system.
      4. Application development using xUnit, or other testing frameworks.
      5. Client-side application development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    4. Ability to:
      1. Develop specifications
      2. Design and architect business systems
      3. Communicate with remote teams to collaborate in software development
      4. Communicate in English, or willingness to communicate in English
    5. Technologies we use:
      1. Amazon Web Service
      2. Linux, MySQL, MongoDB
      3. Git, GitHub
      4. Perl -- Plack/PSGI, Mojolicious, Text::Xslate, TheSchwartz, Test::Simple, and such.
      5. PHP -- Symfony, Composer, PHPUnit, and such.
      6. JavaScript -- Backbone.js/Underscore.js, AngularJS, jQuery, Jasmine, Mocha, and such.
      7. Ruby -- Capistrano, Chef
      8. Travis CI
      9. Vagrant
      10. Slack


    1. Bachelor’s Degree (BS) in Computer Engineering or Computer Science is required
    2. 1-3 Years of experience in Software development, programming and/or engineering is required

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